Paintings that appear in the book "Unfinished Journey" by Ken McGregor, MacMillan Art Publishing Australia, 2006.

"This book documents recent journeys to far-flung destinations throughout the world by thirteen Australian artists charged with the mission of recording their experiences in their own unique artistic terms. Each artist contributes ten or more images of the art works they subsequently created. This is a big exciting book which offers a rich array of images, travel tales and telling insights into the minds of artists as they create images based on travel impressions."


Bauhaus I (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 120x60cm

Bauhaus II (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 60x180cm

Charlottenburg (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 60x180cm

Ettesburg Hill (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 60x180cm

Hansaviertel I (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 60x180cm

Hansaviertel II (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 180x60cm

Potsdamer Platz I (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 60x180cm

Potsdamer Platz II (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 60x180cm

Reichstag (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 120x10cm

Schwippert (2005), acrylic/enamel, aluminium, 180x60cm